So, I’ve noticed that a popular opinion on the wedding message boards (yes, I do read them) is that I’m a brat who is unwilling to compromise on any aspect of my dream wedding in the spirit of saving some cash.  There’s a lot of “We skipped out on x, y, and z to keep our costs down and STILL had a beautiful wedding.  Why can’t she?  HUFF.  PUFF.” I get it, people.  Point taken.  But if you haven’t been reading since day 1 (It’s OK, I forgive you), I guess you wouldn’t know that I’ve been planning to skimp on a bunch of things all along.

Says Jenna:

At first I was somewhat turned off by this idea but I have to admit that came from the jealousy that I did not come up with it first.

As a newlywed myself, in many ways I think you are really creative and resourceful with what you are doing here.

Now I am turned off because it seems like you are not willing to make any compromises at all here. You obviously don’t have enough money to pay for your dream wedding…no fault there, most of us don’t. So, you came up with the great idea of this website to help pay for it.

Where I take issue is it seems like you are really not willing to try and compromise at all, even a little, to try and save money where you can. A lot of beautiful weddings are held on Fridays or Sundays and guests make it to the wedding just fine. Couples get married everyday without bacon-wrapped scallops. Crazy, I know.

I actually really want to donate to you. I really do. Please just tell me one area of your wedding where you are giving something up to save money. We all have to do it. I would love to know what it is.

Thanks for your comment, Jenna.  And thanks for coming around on the whole concept.  I think it’s pretty enterprising.  🙂  But seriously, to address your concern, I’ve compiled a whole list of Must-Haves and Don’t Needs.  Enjoy!


1.  A gorgeous location that I’m in love with.  If this website generated zero dollars, I would consider selling my hair and my car to make sure that we will be surrounded by beauty when we say “I do.”  I know that people get married in the courthouse for $45 all the time.  I’m not.  The end.  If that makes me a brat, consider this a tantrum.  But all snarkiness aside, I like neutral, minimalist spaces.  No loud colors, no wallpaper, no patterned carpets.  I have said before, if I had a backyard that wasn’t a parking lot, I would strongly consider having a backyard wedding.  But exchanging vows in front of a chain link fence with a dumpster in the background?  No.

2.  Bacon-wrapped scallops.  Ha, ha… No, but seriously – food.  The way I see it is that you’re spending money on food no matter what, so why not spend it on food you love, even if it’s a bit more expensive?  It’s my wedding.  If that’s not an occasion to have your favorite meal, I don’t know what is.  Let me put it in perspective (I’m sure many of you will tell me to take a hike, but so be it) – if you are going out to dinner for your (insert rare special event here), would you rather go to Chili’s or Morton’s?  You can have Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers any day.  But chances are, you’re not eating at Morton’s on a regular basis (if you are, may I direct your attention to the orange DONATE button to the left?).  It’s a special occasion.  A celebration.  Aside from that, Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers and a soda for a party of 200 is STILL $3k.  $3K is a lot to pay for something that you don’t love.


1.  Pricey, elaborate flowers.  Hey, I heart flowers as much as the next bride, but if I’m forced to choose between Casablanca lilies and a cocktail hour, I’m going with the latter.  In fact, a zillion tealight candles sound pretty beautiful to me.  AND they’re way cheaper than flowers.

2.  A band / DJ.  My fiance and I LOVE music, and it will play a huge part in our reception, obvi.  But in lieu of a potential cheese-trap (I’ll pass on the Chicken Dance, thank you) and an approximate cost of $2k, I’m more than willing to load up the iPod with our faves and appoint my fabulous maid-of-honor emcee.

3.  Fancy Shmancy transportation to and from the affair.  Don’t care.


1.  Dress.  Yes, I want a beautiful dress – but my taste is pretty simple.  I haven’t started trying on gowns yet, but when I do, it will be trunk sales ALLTHEWAY.

2.  Honeymoon.  Tahiti would be divine.  Can I book that through Expedia?

Note:  This list is a work in progress.