If your comment contains swears, I won’t be approving it.  Sorry, peeps – this is a family program.  And by the way, LIGHTEN UP.  Don’t you know that stress is bad for your health?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – if my blog upsets you or stresses you out, navigate elsewhere.  I really don’t want to be responsible for any temper tantrums or increased blood pressure.

Of course, all are entitled to their opinions – and I welcome your all of your (profanity-free) comments.  But name calling?  Seriously?  Jeepers creepers – it’s just the internet.  I’m putting myself out there for judgment and criticism, I suppose – and I guess I really don’t mind your venting on my comments section.  So do feel free to sound off.  But – you should really send me a dollar for making me read that stuff.  (Please see DONATE button to the left).