Not yet?  If every visitor to this blog had sent a buck, I’d already have MORE than enough for a fab wedding.  So if you haven’t donated yet, it would be amazingly awesome if you would.  The faster I get some cash stashed, the faster I can get on with the planning!  Per one reader’s request, I will (eventually, people – when I really get the ball rolling financially) post options I’m considering for dresses, flowers, cake, location, etc. and poll you guys on what I should choose for this gala!

Even if you don’t want to/can’t give me a buck (I’m well aware that we’re in a recesh – duh) – keep the emails coming.  I feel so loved (and hated, kind of) when I open my gmail to see a zillion new messages.  I can usually identify the hate mail pretty quickly – it has subject lines like Get a job, Pay for your own wedding, and Disgusting – and it’s mostly the same questions over and over… before you clog my inbox, check out the FAQ page.  Eh, I shouldn’t complain – even hate mail means people are reading.

To the kind strangers out there who’ve sent a buck or two my way – you are AWESOME and I get a kick out of the different reasons you enter into the “Purpose” field on the PayPal donation screen.  It really does make my day.  Hopefully my blog makes you crack a smile, too.  Tell your friends.