I’ve mustered up the strength to embark on my quest for a location.  Deep breath.

As you know from early posts, I discovered that my first choice location has an unspeakable event minimum.  Wanna know what it is?  $40k. I can’t believe I just typed that out loud.  Shudder.  So although I am desperately and dangerously in love with Fantasy Location, I am forcing myself to move on and find something reasonable.

So far, I haven’t had overwhelming success in finding other options, but have stumbled upon one interesting possibility.  Check it out. I have no idea what kind of cash I’d have to shell out for an event there, but I’ve put in a phone call and will let you know the deal as soon as I hear.

Here’s my issue.  I feel like the most popular venues for weddings are hotels and country clubs and obviously the city is bursting with about a zillion places where I could get married.  HOWEVER!  Although these types of venues can be really beautiful, they’re just not my style*.  I want something minimalist, but elegant.  (No golf courses in the background, no existing color schemes that will clash with my flowers or bridesmaid dresses).
Long story short – I am looking for a unique wedding location – maybe a botanical garden or a loft of some sort.  To be honest, I would seriously consider getting married in my own backyard (think candles, sheer tents, moonlight)  – if my backyard weren’t a parking lot.
On that note – does anyone have any ideas or has anyone come across an amazing location that is NOT a hotel or a country club?

* note – I’m not judging those who had / are planning to have  weddings in country clubs or hotels – I know this is totally normal and I’ve seen many photos of stunning weddings in these settings.  I’m simply saying that these locations are not what I have in mind for my own wedding.