Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend.  I was at my friend’s shower in NY.


We completely surprised her – it was lovely.  Her parents made up some story and she totally fell for it.  She was completely blown away when she walked in and saw 40 of her closest friends waiting to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

Aside from being a blast, the shower was very educational for me.  Here’s what I learned:

1.  Showers aren’t boring.  Everyone I know complains that bridal showers are a drag and too long.  Friends, food, and making wedding gowns out of toilet paper?  I found it entertaining.

2.  If the invitation says “Wishing Well,” you’re supposed to bring a small, useful household gift to throw in a box.  This might be a potato peeler, can opener, cookbook, or some such item.  True to my typical unconscious form, I did not bring a Wishing Well item as I had no clue what it was (shock, I know).  I kind of thought it was some type of charitable organization that my friend was suggesting we donate to and I told her that after the fact.  She was amused, though not surprised.

3.  People are catty.  I heard several attendees whispering critical comments about the shower and I was highly annoyed by this.

4.  Bridal showers = a zillion gifts.  My friend got seriously hooked up at this shower.

Long story short, the affair was awesomely perfect.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my friend so happy and glowing.  Can’t wait for her wedding (June 6).  I’m absolutely certain that after that, we’ll be ready to get into severe planning mode.

On another note, I called on a potential location for our wedding today.  Left a message.  Once I hear back, I’ll spill on the deets.  Pray it’s not a trillion dollars.