If you’re an avid reader, you know that I’ve been to exactly two weddings in my life.

You also know that I’m a bridesmaid in my good friend’s upcoming nuptials.  When she asked me to be in her wedding, I tearfully accepted the honor without hesitation – I mean, this girl is one of my besties – we’ve been friends for almost ten years (yikes).  But I did feel obligated to inform her (after gushing about the proposal, color schemes, her new sparkler, and updos, of course) that I am truly clueless to what bridesmaids do beyond wearing the dresses that are selected for them.  Thankfully, she loves me despite my blatant inadequacy when it comes to all things wedding, so I will definitely be standing by her side rocking a fab blue gown in June.

Thanks to about a zillion email strings among the BM’s, I’m now pretty clued in to the responsibilities of the bridal party  – although since I’m in another state, I wasn’t able to participate in a bunch of the fun things they did.  Like dress and accessories shopping, visiting potential locations, etc.  But I was really good at the emotional support part of the planning process, as we’ve had many a conversation about guest list drama, hair decision dilemmas, shoe color, and the like.  And this weekend, I will really get to put on my bridesmaid hat – for her shower!

Now, my experience with bridal showers is even more limited than my experience with weddings – I’ve been to exactly ONE shower in my life.  But after work tomorrow, I’m going to hop in the car and drive out to the bride-to-be’s parents’ house in NY to help with some last minute preparation (the shower is Saturday) and surprise my friend, as she has no idea I’m coming and doesn’t even know about the shower yet.  I’m so excited!  And intimidated – the rest of the girls in the bridal party seem to know what they’re doing.  Eeeek.

In any event, I’ll share all the deets on what I learned when I get back.  Who knows; maybe I’ll be inspired by it all and actually begin planning my wedding.