So, I have a new batch of critics – this time commenting on savvysugar.  I totally get everyone’s beef with the fact that I have no solid plan for what I am going to do for this wedding, where’s my dollar going, you don’t even have a date yet, etc.  Point taken.  I’ve been absolutely up front with the fact that I haven’t the foggiest what goes into wedding planning; in fact, I’m going to my first bridal shower ever this coming weekend so maybe that will be enlightening.

Anyway, the popular opinion is that I need to come up with a wedding budget first.  According to this, that entails “nailing down who is contributing to the marital cause.”  Which is exactly why this blog was created.  I guess I’m right on track with step 1, so that’s good.

But on to the daunting part.  Check THIS out.  Plug in your zip and take a gander.  Frightening.  My numbers were $23,642 – $38,735.  And that’s allegedly average.  Not elaborate or extravagant.  Average.

That’s why I’m putting off making my list.  Because I’m petrified to see what the grand total is going to be when all is said and done.  Especially since my very first experience with attempting to set plans in motion was visiting a potential venue (the only one I like) and almost passing out when I heard what the event minimum would be.  So, that’s the deal on why I am slacking on the plans.  Those who are donating a buck (THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!) are doing so with the complete understanding that it’s going toward a wedding sometime somewhere.  And that’s why they’re fabulous.