Wow.  10,706?!  I bet by the time I’ve finished writing this post, there will have been even more!  Holy moly!

You know, I’ve attempted to blog in the past and quickly lost interest.  I do love to write, but when you look at your blog stats and see 7 views today, you realize no one is reading and you quit.  I guess controversy is what generates interest.  Funny thing is, I seriously had no clue that my little blog would ever even be found, much less become the focus of discussion and debate in the blogosphere.  I’m not complaining!  I really do love reading your emails and comments – even the mean ones!

The feedback I’m getting from you guys lately is that you don’t want to donate money because I haven’t even said what I want to spend it on yet.  Totally get it, peeps.  And, I said I would make a list.  I really will.  Wedding research is just kind of boring.  And does anyone agree that bridal magazines are a little useless?  It’s just 7,483 pages of glossy ads of what I assume are insanely priced gowns.  My cousin said she’s going to get me a wedding binder for my birthday (which just passed – happy birthday to me), so I’m hoping that maybe that might help.  I think I just have to commit to deciding the big things – like the date and location.  But that depends on budget, which is nonexistent at this point – ugh!!!  Do I just decide and figure out how to pay after?  That scares me, since credit cards = bad.

I’m not slacking, I swear.  I mean, this wedding isn’t going to plan itself, right?  Sigh.  I wish it would and I could just show up.  😉

Happy Easter, by the way.  I hope you guys all have a fantastic day with your loved ones.

And thankyouthankyouthankyou to Felicity, Jamie, Jennifer, and Lindsey for your donations this weekend!  I heart you guys.