FYI, I’m going to create an FAQ page for all the inquiring minds out there. Give me a few days so I can make sure it’s witty and entertaining as well as informative. 🙂

So, my blog is taking off in some very interesting and unexpected directions. The feedback never ceases to amuse/amaze me. First off, thanks for the Star Jones info. For those who don’t feel like reading the comments or googling, Star Jones apparently went on a bunch of talk shows asking vendors to donate services for her wedding in exchange for publicity. Dear readers, I’m certain the majority of you see the difference between what she did and what I’m doing. First off, I’m not famous, so what publicity can one really expect? Secondly, I’m not going on TV asking for stuff. And, I’m not asking anyone to donate services to me. Jeepers creepers. All I’m asking for is a buck. Also, I want to point out that I’m not begging. Visitors to my website are here on their own free will and can easily navigate to a less offensive website at any time. But from what I can tell, you’re entertained by little old me. Glad you’re enjoying! One dollar, please. (Kidding! Kind of).

So, back to the interesting turn of events. Dare I say it? You know how I just explained that peeps can’t expect anything beyond good karma from donating to my wedding? Well, vendors are coming to me in hopes of gaining publicity. Go figure! I say: sure. For whatever reason, peeps are reading this blog. Might as well use me to get some free advertising. I’m approving comments now, so go to town! A little shameless plug never hurt anyone. Something else that freaks me out is that bloggers are blogging about my blog! What a trip! I love providing fodder for a good discush. Banter to your hearts’ content!

Keeping up a blog is kind of hard. Now that I have the attention of the blogosphere, I feel obligated to deliver content. And from what I’m hearing via comments and email, you want deets about me personally. Beyond my love of Desperate Housewives and bacon wrapped scallops, that is. What more is there to life, really? But seriously – what do you want to know? I’m a regular girl. I love my fiance and have been with him for more than four years. He is fabulously supportive of most of my hare-brained ideas (believe me, this blog wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last). I love animated movies and being outside. Riveting, aren’t I?

At any rate, once I finish my FAQ page, I will let you know. And if you have burning questions, send them my way – and as long as you’re not asking for my social security number, I will consider answering. And yeah, yeah, I’m doing wedding research. It’s just hard to make solid decisions without a definite budget. But I promise I will get going on some of that stuff this weekend, and list out fantasy choices vs. bargain options.

OK, it’s getting late. Past my bedtime. Sweet dreams, readers.

Oh, sorry – one more thing. P.O. Boxes are expensive!!! Does anyone out there besides Nancy really want to send donations that way?