I swear. It will be an organized, strategic timeline for decision making about my wedding. It will be “choose your own adventure” style, meaning it will have options depending on the state of my wedding fund. (You can help with that part, remember? Click DONATE if you’re feeling froggy!)

Maybe I should make a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation instead, so I can add pictures. But I’m too tired to start this project tonight. So another day will pass during which I have made no decisions about my wedding.

However! I have been offered an extremely generous donation in the form of a $5000 wedding photography package and I could not be more grateful!! I am shocked and flattered to report that people have been contacting me to discuss the possibility of donating services in lieu of money. Isn’t that fabulous?! I will post a link to the photog’s page later in the week so you can check out his work. I went through his portfolio and he is not only fantastic, but he had a photo that he shot of Princess Di! Holy moly, right?!

Thankyouthankyouthankyou to those who threw a chick a buck or two today. You’re the best.

Signing off for now, loving readers. More to come on the photog and the donation front.