The truth is, I haven’t been to many.  One was a family wedding when I was about seven, and I don’t remember much about it.  The other was a former co-worker’s and that was probably five or six years ago.  I’m about to be a bridesmaid for the first time this summer and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, aside from wearing the dress.  I think I should get a book.  It’s definitely safe to say that my experience with weddings is limited to the two I’ve attended and the ones I read about in the pages of US Weekly or see on E! News.  I guess I have some research to do.

My point is, phobias of dry halibut and and hideous decor don’t stem from personal experience, but from wedding banter I’ve heard from friends /co-workers/family/acquaintances.  Boring weddings with disastrous food and tasteless color schemes always seem to spark a catty gossip sesh amongst the ladies and that’s something I’d like to avoid.  Not the gossip, because clearly, I don’t mind being talked about – but having a disappointing wedding.  I don’t want to settle for less and I don’t think anyone does.  Sure, I could “suck it up” as so many have been suggesting, but that would be boring.

I haven’t begun planning my gala yet for two reasons which are pretty obvious to the readers of this blog.

1. no money.

2. no clue.

I’m trying to get both of these items simultaneously so as not to delay my nuptials until 2016.

Re: the clue part.  I’m working on it.  Through your comments, tweets, and emails, I’ve found about a zillion incredibly helpful, idea-filled wedding blogs.  One of my tweet-hearts sent me a couple of links to some discount dress sites and I think once I figure out what when/where/how, I’ll probably get my dress from there.  (For those who care about these types of things, I want strapless, simple, NOT frilly…)

I now know about wedding community acronyms, thanks to another reader – click here if you’re curious – tears of joy packets?  Seriously?

Re: the no money part.  Still got a ways to go on that one.  Loving readers, you are so unbelievably generous and I get all giddy every time I see another buck roll in.  So, thankyouthankyouthankyou!  Of course, I’m saving, too – and hoping for a windfall of some kind.

Bottom line is that I started this blog to see if I could score a lavish wedding.  If I can entertain/amuse/infuriate/confuse some people along the way, then hey – I’ve inspired a conversation.  Even if you don’t give me a buck, this is actually kind of fun.