Good evening, trusty readers.  Thanks for all the alerts about the emerg with the PayPal link.  Phew.  Can’t be having that thing messing up.

Well, today was a slow day for donations – but thankyouthankyouthankyou to those who did click donate.  You’re all fabulous and I appreciate you!!!  Know who else I appreciate?  Nancy.  Check out her hilarious email:

I found you through a fellow blogger whose comment you featured prominently today (  I think you are brilliant, and the trolls can go, well – where ever it is that trolls don’t like to go.  Personally, I’m donating most of my money now-a-days to Operation Feed this F&@*ing Teenager and Put Him Through Catholic High School, but I’d like to send you something.  I was never able to have my dream wedding, but love watching others live theirs.

Unfortunately, I can no longer use PayPal for reasons I will not bother you with.

Do you have an anonymous PO Box set up yet that people could send money orders to?  If not, you should.  Please let me know when you do, I’d love to send you something later this month, after I take my totally unnecessary trip to Florida to visit my parents instead of paying my electric bill.

Take care,


Nancy, you are a woman after my own heart.  I guess I will set up a PO Box.  I had no idea that anyone would go through the effort of actually snail mailing me, but I’m all for it!  I’ll be sure to post the address once I get it set up.

The latest and greatest that I’m reading about myself is that I’m not a real bride and that this is a scam.  I promise I’m engaged and I promise that every cent that’s donated will go toward my wedding.  Except the 33 cents per dollar that PayPal takes.  I also solemnly swear that I won’t switch this to after my wedding.