I had no idea that there was this underground cyber-army of brides-to-be who comment on wedding message boards!  Today, I discovered that these chicks call their fiances “FI.”  Interesting.  I’m catching on to the lingo.  Is that pronounced “F.I.” or “Fee?”

Anyway, I tweeted earlier about how you guys were discussing my project on Martha Stewart’s wedding blog.  How fabulous!  (I adore Marty and totally watched her Apprentice show.  I can’t believe they canceled that!!)  It’s so exciting to see so many people out there reacting to little old me.  I did find one thread on one of the message boards where people were mentioning problems with my PayPal button.  It’s working!  And thankyouthankyouthankyou to those who donated today – and to those who are reaching to me and offering to donate their services.  I’m flattered!  Slowly but surely, the nightmares of dry halibut and gold drapes are disappearing!

Speaking of dry halibut – I’m not trying to offend anyone who eats overcooked fish or likes gold drapes.  Or Sunday brunches, for that matter.  If mimosas and French toast are your thing, do it up.  If my BFF wanted to have her wedding at Wendy’s (she’d rather die), I would totally dig in to the curly fry buffet and would suck down all 393 calories in a chocolate Frosty because it would be HER DAY.  I just have a different vision for my own wedding and am getting creative to achieve that vision.  Is that really so ghastly?

I know I said I was going to leave your comments off this blog (if you want to check out what people are saying about me, go here or here or here or here) – but by popular demand, here are two of my recent favorites:

Says one reader –

My first reaction when I saw this wasn’t particularly positive. And then I thought about it some more, and frankly… if people want to help you pay for your wedding, who am I to judge? My parents (without my knowledge) started saving up for my wedding my freshman year of college, so by the time I got engaged, there was already a hefty wedding account with my name on it. I (much like you) had always wanted a gorgeous wedding, and thanks to my parents, I got one. If my parents hadn’t decided to start saving before I even met Prince Charming, who knows what I would’ve done to pay for my wedding. Good luck! I hope that your wedding is beautiful! Please keep us posted on how much you raise.

Says another –

You are disgusting.

So am I disgusting?  Brilliant?  Disgustingly brilliant?  Whatever – I just work here.

Oh, and PS – I’ve had SEVERAL event planners from all over the country contact me and all of them have told me that the average cost of their clients’ events is about $35k.