Hello, helpmepayformywedding readers!

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for your donations, comments, angry emails, happy emails… This experiment is causing so much unexpected hoopla and I’m loving it.  Keep it coming!

To address some of the questions I’ve been getting – in the words of Usher… these are my confessions:

1. I have almost no money saved for my wedding.  Or house, for that matter.  Need both, but concentrating on the wedding here – FOCUS.  Why do I have nothing saved?  Well, because the proposal was a surprise for one thing.  For another, I’ve spent the past year paying off all my debt – an accomplishment I’m quite proud of, thankyouverymuch.  From what was that debt, you ask?  Miscellaneous.  Important things like student loans, and frivolous things like fabulous shoes and highlighting my hair.  I admit it.  I spent like a maniac on things I shouldn’t have.  Which is why my hair is now my natural color and I’m in last season’s jeans.  The itch to spend is coming back in a big way with these wedding plans, and that is why I’m planning ahead of time to stay OUT of debt.  Hence, helpmepayformywedding.  If you want.  🙂

2.  We have not set a date yet.

3.  I’m not a spoiled brat.  If I were, Mommy and Daddy would be forking over the cash for my wedding.  Since they’re not, I’m getting creative.

4.  This is not a charity.  It’s a fun little experiment that I’m shocked and thrilled is working.  (Thankyouthankyouthankyou!)  Helping out a sister is good karma.  Clearly, I am aware that there are people out there with more urgent needs than my desire to throw an endlessly breathtaking wedding extravaganza.  And if you’re grappling with the decision of donating a dollar to helpmepayformywedding or donating a dollar to a real charity for the needy, the choice is obvious.   My guess is that the haters out there are donating to neither.

5.  I had no idea what the 4 C’s of diamonds were until my fiance told me about my ring.

6.  Yes, I’ve already chosen my bridesmaids and no, I will not be forcing them to buy overpriced gowns.

7.  I’m not lazy.  I work like everyone else and am saving my money, too.  I don’t expect you to pay for my wedding, I’m just asking for help if you feel like giving it.  If not, that’s fine, too.

8.  I’ve already had over 1,000 visits to this blog and it’s been live for about 24 hours.

9.  No, my fiance does not know I’ve started this website, but I’m thinking he’d find it to be pretty genius.  I’m going to surprise him once I’m able to cover our wedding without going into debt.

10.  Do I know that asking for money is a bit “tacky” as so many of have called it…. yes.  But, desperate times call for desperate measures.  And it’s not as if I’ll announce to my guests that I solicited donations to pay for their bacon wrapped scallops.  Give me some credit, people.

Well, readers.  I’m signing off for the evening but look forward to hearing from you.  And to all those kind folks who donated – thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!